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Introducing our double-layer Hoodie, the ultimate solution for staying warm and protected in any environment. This hoodie is specifically designed to provide you with extra warmth and protection, ensuring your comfort and safety at all times. With a Cat3 rating and an ATPV of 36, you can trust that this hoodie will keep you shielded from potential hazards.

But it doesn't stop there. We understand the importance of visibility and safety, especially when working in challenging conditions. That's why our fleece hoodie is not only cosy and comfortable but also offers high-visibility compliance. It's the perfect choice for those extra cold days on the job when you need both warmth and visibility.

Our hoodie combines FR (flame-resistant) protection, hi-vis compliance, and comfort all in one. With CAT3 AR/FR protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're equipped with top-notch safety features. Additionally, our hoodie meets ANSI 107-2010 Class 3 Level 2 compliance and ANSI 107-2015 Type R Class 3 compliance standards, ensuring that you're meeting the highest safety standards in the industry.

And let's not forget about the added layer of warmth provided by the waffle knit lining. This cosy lining enhances the insulation properties of the hoodie, keeping you even more comfortable in chilly temperatures. You'll be able to tackle any task with confidence, knowing that you're protected, visible, and snug.

Don't compromise on safety or comfort. Choose our double-layer Hoodie and experience the perfect blend of warmth, protection, and visibility. Stay cosy, stay safe, and stay productive with our top-of-the-line hoodie.

Hoodie Double Layer HV/Black Class3 CAT3

    • FR (flame-resistant) protection
    • Hi-viz compliance
    • Meets ANSI 107-2010 Class 3 Level 2 compliance
    • ANSI 107-2015 Type R Class 3 compliancy standards
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