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Work Wear

Flamesafe Workwear Hi Viz Hoodie
World’s leading manufacturer of knitted FR fabrics

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Our Clothing

Fits All

From t-shirts to base layers, our products are designed to provide maximum protection without sacrificing comfort or style.

Flame Resistant

Wide range of flame-resistant clothing options for your customers, all made from our exceptional flame-resistant fabrics.


We are always looking to expand our network of distributors, and we welcome the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes.

What We Stand For

Welcome to Flamesafe Workwear, the world's leading manufacturer of knitted flame-resistant fabrics for next-to-the-skin apparel. Our high-quality, reliable products have been trusted by professionals across a variety of industries for years.

Our vision is to continuously engineer environmentally sustainable, flame-resistant fabrics and apparel, designed for optimum protection, superior comfort, durability, style and outstanding performance.

Flamesafe Workwear strives “to satisfy customer’s requirements while ensuring all manufacturing processes are ecologically sound and worker-friendly” with a commitment to providing environmentally sustainable, flame-resistant natural and inherent fiber fabrics and protective apparel. 

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