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Whether you’re looking for protection from the miserable heat of the sun, or strong winds while working outside, the double layer FR Vulcan hood will provide you great coverage and protect part of your face and neck from arc flashes and fire. Its Maxisoft® cotton material makes it soft and comfortable to wear. Not to mention, the moisture wicking design makes it a lifesaver if you’re sweaty.


The Flamesafe Workwear double layer Vulcan hood has reinforced self-binding design around the face. It does not interfere with your mask or hard hat. It has a high arc rating (ATPV) of 13 Cal/cm² (CAT 2) and ASTM 1506 to keep arc flash and fire burns at bay. Whether you are in the lineman trade, a welder or work at a refinery, you can’t go wrong with this fire resistant hood.


You already got your body covered, you should protect your face and neck, too, with your own affordable FR hood.

Flame Resistant Balaclava Double Layer

    • Reinforced, Self Binding Around Face
    • Arc Rated ATPV 1
    • CAT 3
    • U.S. NFPA 70E Certified
    • ASTM1506
    • OSHA 29 CFR 1910
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